Our Services

Internet Access

We enable customers to connect securely into the internet through Wide Area Networks (WANs). We provide customers with cost effective VPN solutions over public infrastructure as an Off-net/Backup solutions to their Private Network/MPLS services.

Managed CPE Services

It can be difficult to continuously upgrade your infrastructure as technology moves forward at a rapid pace. Aging CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) slows down your business, but constant upgrading of your CPE is also a costly affair, with high upfront capital costs that can burden your internal resources and increase operating expenses.

Nevigate has an effective turnkey CPE solution to meet your demanding business requirements. Our Managed CPE services can be customized to include On-Site Installation, Configuration, Change Management, and Monitoring through our 24x7 Network Operations Centre (NOC), with different tiers of service level agreements (SLA) to match your business needs.

No matter how diverse your operations setup, our single point accountability approach means you only need to speak to us for all your company’s ICT needs. You can focus on your core business while we will manage and monitor your CPEs resources.

Secured Internet AccessTM

Need a reliable internet solution for your business? Leverage on Nevigate to power up your business or for a cost-effective backup solution, as your business grows and expands globally. Nevigate facilitates carrier-grade internet services with coverage in over 180 countries around the world. Our unique Virtual Network Overlay Platform architecture delivers a true One-Stop-Shop (OSS) experience to you.

Nevigate Secured Internet Access Service offers you a reliable IP-VPN solution. We create a high quality Off-net/Backup Hybrid solution for you over public infrastructure to mesh with your Private Network. You will have the peace of mind that your network is secured by a team of engineers who are monitoring your network 24/7.

Managed IPLC/IEPLC Services

Businesses are becoming multinational, and ICT is strategic to every organization. The strategic nature of ICT requires transmitting of information reliably and efficiently to be highly important. Timely and fast communication between your global offices can mean the difference between sealing that big business deal and rolling out your next award-winning marketing campaign.

Nevigate provides IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) point-to-point services, giving your business a dedicated connection with guaranteed performance and bandwidth at any given time. Our IPLC Services are powered by different submarine cable systems, with the option of single versus protected routes, allowing you to stay connected at all times.

We are carrier-neutral and you will have the choice to select the best routing among the many underwater cable systems. No matter where your business location, our single point-of-contact system means you only need to speak to us for any service handling, fault reporting, management and billing needs. With coverage in over 180 countries, let Nevigate give your business that competitive edge.

Co-Location Services

As your business grows at a rapid pace, your servers and equipment related to network systems or cloud are expected to be at 100% network uptime and be managed efficiently. Instead of owning and maintaining your own Data Centre, many companies have opted to switch to Co-Location Services with Nevigate.

Nevigate provides the best in-breed Co-Location services built according to individually different needs. Every Co-Location space is carefully selected to ensure you receive robust and reliable 24/7 support, with optional “Smart Hands” services to assist with any on-site requirements readily.

Rest assured that your equipment are stored in state-of-the-art facilities, with unparalleled SLAs, uninterrupted power supply, and robust security systems. Our carrier-neutral facilities are very well connected into all major network ecosystems.

Security Services

Cyber security is now a bigger issue more than ever. New hacking methods are emerging constantly, and businesses are very concerned about cybersecurity and protecting intellectual property (IP). You will never know whether or when you may be the victim of the next cyber-attack.

Nevigate provides and protect our customers operating their businesses on the World Wide Web. We mitigate security threats on the network, protocol and application levels (Layers 3, 4 and 7). In addition, our purpose-built Security Scrubbing Centers protect you against intelligent security attacks, by shielding your sensitive company data and prevent your network from being compromised.

Our trained security experts monitors the network in 24/7 real-time, constantly on alert to new threats, traffic anomalies, and unusual behavioral patterns, leveraging the latest technologies for end to end protection.

AI-NOC Automation

AI-NOC is a sophisticated state-of-the-art AI-powered ITSM process driven platform (AI-OPS) in the Cloud, fully managed by “ELLA”. “ELLA” is a Digital Employee created by Nevigate specifically to support and integrate with various customers operational systems. It is a vital component for customers embarking on their digital transformation journey.